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Elevator Modernization and Upgrading

American Elevator specializes in providing our customers the most extensive solutions when upgrading their existing equipment to increase efficiency, reliability, safety, and performance. Consider upgrading your equipment if you are experiencing increasing costs to maintain your current equipment through costly repairs and frequent shut downs, consistent complaints about ride quality and appearance, widespread wait times, or equipment obsolescence. Each modernization project is unique and depending on the condition of your equipment we will recommend a plan of action that will correspond to your needs and provide you the highest value for your investment.


Our mission is to customize our products and services to comply exactly with your needs. We will ensure that this is done by explaining the functions of the equipment and different product lines available to you. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to choose from a varied line of products depending on your budget, needs and wants.

Non-Proprietary Equipment

In today's market many companies will install equipment that only they can service. The days of being held hostage by your elevator company are over. You can be rest assured that American Elevator will recommend the installation of Non-Proprietary products that will give you the flexibility to choose who maintains your equipment. With Non-Proprietary equipment you will NOT need special tools, passwords, or software to install or maintain the equipment.

One-Stop Projects

When upgrading your equipment there maybe an associated amount of building work required. American Elevator offers to include this work in our proposal to relieve building managers and owners the stress of coordinating trades and dealing with multiple contractors. Some of these required building upgrades may include HVAC, Electrical, Fire Alarm, Carpentry, and Masonry.

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