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When you choose an elevator system, it is crucial that the loading capacity of the elevator matches its intended use. Choosing the proper system ensures safe operation of the elevator. You need to know that all requirements, specifications, dimensions and other installation details are met. The experts at American Elevator Company can ensure that you have the best elevator unit(s) available to meet your building's requirements and your budget.

American Elevator Company dumbwaiters lead the industry in utility, performance and value. Our practical residential dumbwaiter units are available in powdered coated steel or stainless steel cars and are capable of lifting either 100 or 200-pound net loads.

Our commercial dumbwaiter is designed for non-passenger vertical transportation applications with net load capacities of 300 or 500 lbs. Units come in powder-coated steel or optional stainless steel. Bi-parting or slide-up gates are required and commercial hoistway doors will complete the package meeting safety and code compliance.

Homeowners will find this model very practical when larger and heavier loads are required.

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